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Next on this Lovely New Year 2021, I will be bringing you my 3rd New Age Music album, titled TETRAGRAMMATON HIGHEST KNOWLEDGE. The album will feature many soothing, atmospheric, ambient, devotional & Spiritual attributes to the lineup of its 12 recordings. There is a page setup for you so you may be able to enjoy the first 7 songs on the album. My Music is ONLY available on my website due to losses in revenue via streaming.

I have set a release date for the first day of Spring so as to embed myself in RENWAL, as is every Season. My most valuable aspect of my Music Life is YOU -- my listening audience& so, I wanted to make sure that every new Season I bring you something new -- as are all The New Season.

I thank you for always being so supportive & that includes every single click, comment & share on all Social Media platforms -- especially via word of mouth -- the most effective way to advertise & promote to this day -- a simple "check this out, listen to this, here's a link - " ;)

I Thank You ALL once more.

King Regards & Spiritual Healing,

Jo Jo from Audio Jacks


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