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ANNOUNCEMENT: "Elemental Balance" Picked Up

I am so thrilled to announce my album "Elemental Balance" has been picked up by New Age Stars/ & will be on regular rotation. I've also made the Spotify playlist "New Age Music Radio," a VERY BIG DEAL in New Age Music. To be side by side so many greats in New Age, sharing the same waves is such a beautiful accomplishment i've worked so diligently my whole Life on.

The album will also now be available in all Online Digital Download Stores within the month, so please stay updated when it does go "LIVE," however. You can still buy it HERE on my website. I am most emotional about it & this is a good frequency in my days now.

Thank you all for your Love & support to make it happen. Special Thanks to my Dear Friend/Brother, Dominic Sustaita for the EXTRA PUSH & ENCOURAGEMENT. Also, a HUGE Thank You to BT Fasmer for the promotional pack.

Respect & My DEEPEST Thank You's,

Jo Jo from Audio Jacks


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